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Refund Policy


Offspeed Volleyball reserves the right to cancel any program, camp, clinic, lesson, or club team due to a lack of enrollment. A full refund will be provided. Other refunds will be provided as per our Refund Policy:

Withdraw two weeks prior to the start of program/camp/clinic/lesson/club play: A full refund will be provided (less $25.00 admin fee and shirt costs).

Withdraw within two weeks of the start of program/club play: 50% of the registration fees will be refunded (less $25.00 admin fee). Note: Should a replacement athlete be available a full refund will be provided (less the $25.00 admin fee). Withdraw within 24 hours of the start of a program: no refunds will be provided.

Once the camp/clinic/lesson/club play has started no refunds will be provided. No refunds are provided to club volleyball athletes.

However, participants of Offspeed Volleyball programs/camps/clinics/lesson's who have to withdraw from the program/camp/clinic/lesson due to personal injury may receive a prorated refund. These requests must be made in writing and forwarded to Offspeed Volleyball


CLUB VOLLEYBALL ATHLETES/PARENTS: Offspeed Volleyball does not offer any refunds for club volleyball athletes since the loss of an athlete cannot be easily replaced once all club athletes have committed to their teams. Therefore, Offspeed Volleyball

defines the start of the season as the team’s first practice and not the team’s first tournament.

However, should an athlete become injured and not be available to continue their season, Offspeed Volleyball will not pursue the remainder of any amounts due. 




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