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Social Media Policy 

  • This policy applies to any social media account using ‘offspeedvolleyball’ in the handle, username, bio, etc. and/or appears associated with Offspeed Volleyball in any other way

  • Teams are allowed but by no means required to create team-specific Instagram

  • Usernames should include offspeed, age group, and team name Ex. offspeed15u Black

  • Facebook groups are great for team communication, but must be private and only include team members/coaches/managers

  • Team Snapchat or other social media accounts are not permitted

  • All accounts must be followed by offspeedvolleyball

  • If creating an account, direct message to notify

  • All team members and coaches must have access to login information

  • Any content deemed inappropriate will be subject to removal and/or account deletion, at the discretion of Offspeed Volleyball Social Media Manager and Directors/Administration

  • Penalties will be assigned to teams at the discretion of Offspeed Volleyball

  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in the following disciplinary actions:

  • 1st offence:  warning and correction of non-abiding activity

  • 2nd offence:  limited suspension from the team (length of time to be determined by Offspeed Volleyball Club Director)

  • 3rd offence:  expulsion from Offspeed Volleyball




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Winnipeg, Manitoba





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